The Dental Employ network was launched out of sheer necessity in the dental staffing marketplace. Jim Storey, Founder and Managing Partner of Dental Employ, LLC has co-owned a dental practice in Tucson, Arizona with his wife since 2010. The lack of job platforms for dental employees, coupled with the inefficient process of locating, interviewing and hiring dental employees was the impetus for the Dental Employ Network. Storey, who has launched and managed online platforms and managed numerous marketing initiatives, also has extensive knowledge of dental practice management.

Dental Employ, LLC was formed in 2012, but it wasn’t until early 2016 when Storey teamed with Ted Tucker to accelerate the development of the platform. Tucker, who serves as Partner and Chief Technology Officer has a background in media, also brings a wealth of online development and production experience to the team. Tucker oversaw the development of the network and in summer of 2017 the Dental Employ, LLC network was launched in Tucson, AZ.

The Dental Employ network is powered by a robust platform that serves as the backbone of the hiring and job search process. The network provides a local user experience that better identifies dental employees through robust profiles. Employers can search and filter candidates based on several variables, including experience, job type, licenses and certifications. This streamlined process enables dentists and office managers to more efficiently identify the right person for their dental staff in a pro-active approach. Being able to search and filter full time, part time, day rate, emergency or temporary candidates helps dental practices to ensure that they have adequate staffing to provide the necessary patient care and not lose production by having to reschedule patients.